Sandon is family-run, furniture company established in 2019.

As a brand we strive to create furniture and home articles that provide a sense of comfort and calm.

With time we wish to become synonymous with the creation of iconic and timeless pieces that will last you a lifetime.

(Extra) ordinary moments

While we might all remember life’s biggest occasions, real joy is found in the many little ones. 

At Sandon we try to create products people use often and that become an important part of their everyday life. Products that bring happiness, create memories and make ordinary moments feel not so ordinary after all. 

Our Philosophy

Sandon stems from a long line of craftsmen, and in many ways we consider ourselves to be a modern day company with traditional values. 

Simply put we believe that the better a product age and the longer it last, the more likely it is to become meaningful to those who own it — that given a little time, the things we own can turn into memorabilia and become symbols of something more. At Sandon we believe the creation of such products is best achieved through a combination of craft, quality and creative collaboration.

Sandon was founded in 2019, but our roots go all the way back 1929. At that time Anton Brendmoe had established himself as a decorator and master painter. Years later he was joined by his son Bjørn who was a highly skilled restorer and the business slowly grew. 

The love for the arts was inherited by his son, John who in 1982 took the company from paint and decor into the world of real estate. He was a painter by trade, but wanted to do more. Soon he started renovating residential properties and renowned buildings in Norway before making the transition to luxury houses in southern Spain. Today that company is known as Antima. 

Sandon is initiated by the youngest generation Brendmoe and the latest addition to the family business tree. 

Our heritage is what drives us forward, and our values have remained unchanged for generations; creativity, quality, craftsmanship.